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A Remarkable Sound Display Stand

Jan. 09, 2019

A Remarkable Sound Display Stand

A Remarkable Sound Display Stand

Sound has developed fast both in technology and sound quality. And the sound industry has also achieved rapid development all over the world. In the increasingly fierce competition, how can we better display our own sound in many brands?

With the development of science and technology, sound is utilized more and more widely, which is used in public places such as halls, hotels, automobiles, airplanes, cultural and entertainment facilities, medical treatment, finance, conferences and other public places, as well as personal venues. People are pursuing higher and higher quality and appearance of sound. It is well known that the world's sound brands are JBL, BOSE, INFINITY, B&W, WHARFEDALE, KEF, DYNAUDIO, DALI, JAMO and so on. In the face of this era of innovation and the rapid development of emerging industries, how can we publicize and promote commodities to a much greater extent? One way to do this is to increase consumer/purchaser's awareness of commodities and enterprise's sales by customizing display stands. The unique display stands matched with commodities can show the unique charm of commodities.

A Remarkable Sound Display Stand

DONGGUAN MAX DISPLAY PROPS CO., LTD specializes in providing all-round solutions for international high-end brand image and product terminal display. The display stand products are sold to many countries and regions around the world (e.g. Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, etc.), and all of products are designed reasonably according to the characteristics of customer's commodities so as to assist enterprises to improve sales volume and brand awareness.

The selection of sound display stands should take into account many factors, such as the size, color, weight of the audio structure, display venues, use places (e.g. shopping malls, supermarkets, monopoly stores, exhibitions, exhibition halls, etc.) and the consumer groups, in order to achieve a more perfect display effect. One of sound display stands made by Max will be introduced as a good example, which is a L-type desktop display frame with LCD screen according to the size of the sound and the display purpose. The LCD screen can deliver more product information, publicize more product advantages, and enjoy greater influence, and more importantly, the LED screen can attract more attention by video broadcasting; the LOGO is set in the middle of the top with clear spray - painting and silk- screen to better display enterprise brand and promote the brand image. In order to meet the various needs of product use, the multi- function circuit board is specially customized to control the whole sound, which can be operated directly on the spot, and the sound display stand with playback function is convenient, simple and beautiful, which brings you an extraordinary experience. What’s more, it has fine workmanship with hot A Remarkable Sound Display Standbending forming, professional smooth treatment of edges and corners, pure manual and smooth surface to prevent scratches in the process of use, and more delicate appearance. The remarkable thing about this sound display stand is well metal effect of its surface using the high-quality acrylic spray paint so that the lower cost can obtain high-grade display effect.

DONGGUAN MAX DISPLAY PROPS CO., LTD will continue to create more valuable exhibition shelves for customers based on various factors of commodities, customers' expectations, and more than ten- year excellent manufacturing technology.

It is a remarkable display stand, and it is also an auditory feast! MAX DISPLAY Manufacture!

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