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Customized Display Stands are the Future Trend

Jan. 12, 2019

Customized Display Stands are the Future Trend

With the continuous improvement of people's consumption level, more and more attention has been paid to the pursuit of beauty, and it is increasingly important to order a personal display stand which belongs to one’s own products. There are wood, metal, acrylic, bamboo board, PVC foam board, KT board, corrugated paper and other materials for the display stand. So what is the future marketing trend of the display stand?

1.The new retail trend of the display stand in the future.

The new retailing is in full swing to facilitate consumers’ shopping, that is, take it and go. Sometimes, it only takes a moment for shopping. The concept of display stand also coincides with this. The display stand of a product will be to show the performance and unique characteristics of the product itself to the audience. And these are important factors to help consumers make purchase choices. When we use display stand to highlight these to consumers, we have to say that it is invisible to save time for them. It is unnecessary to screen one by one from the huge amount of commodity information. Facilitating consumers is the direction of sales development in the future.

2.The display stand is an offline channel of interaction between consumers and commodities.


In terms of online interaction, it is not so much the interaction between consumers and commodities as the interaction between consumers and customer service. Because all the information about commodities online is transmitted through third-party buyers. There is no direct contact between consumers and the goods to be purchased. Live broadcasting and commodity evaluation, etc., are used by others, and as consumers who really want to buy, they have no contact with the goods. 

And the display stand is a channel for offline interaction. Businessmen can place their products on the display stand. At this time, goods are within reach of consumers. Whether the product is good or not, whether consumers want it or not, and how it feels about its use, all these problems can be simply realized. At the same time, the display stand clearly shows the innovative points, usage methods and applicable scenarios of the products on the customized display stand to achieve different functional requirements.

3.The customized display stand can meet the special needs of businesses.

A watch acrylic display stand is a good example. If businesses want to highlight the texture and temperament of the watch. Then a display stand should be  customized to show the beauty of the watch. And acrylic sheet has strong light transmittance and various colors. It can select different materials according to different colors so as to set off products and achieve the display effect.

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